24hr emergency treatment - Out of hours number 01634 780 073

External symptoms

If your pet has been involved in an accident and is showing external signs of injury - bleeding, broken limbs, distress, or has a trapped foreign object - it's best to see a vet as soon as possible.

Internal symptoms

Not all serious injuries are visible. Internal injuries can be fatal so if your pet has been involved in a fall, is acting out of sorts, has stopped eating, or is having trouble passing urine, get in touch immediately.

Important - please read

Our 24-hour emergency pet care service is operated in conjunction with Vets Now (Campus Way, Gillingham). In all cases, you MUST telephone us before bringing your sick pet to the surgery.

Common emergency scenarios:



Internal issues

Is your pet vomiting, having trouble urinating, or not eating?


Is your pet showing signs of having been injured?

Are you struggling to stop or control your pet's bleeding?

Is your pet struggling to breathe or does it have a blue tongue?

Trying to care for a sick pet can be a harrowing time. If you think your pet needs immediate attention, call Medway Park Vets on our 24-hour emergency line and we'll arrange for urgent care to be provided.

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