Compassionate pet care

Diagnosis & check-up

Regular check-ups can help keep your pet in good health. Come to us and we'll complete a thorough check-up, offer a diagnosis for any symptoms, and attend to your pet's needs, including vaccinations.

On-site surgery

We can perform a number of different surgical procedures on-site, including neutering, knee surgery, soft tissue surgeries, and more. Emergency pet care is available throughout Medway, from Chatam to Strood, 24 hours a day.

Advice & home visits

If you're unable to bring your pet to our veterinary centre in Medway, we offer home visits. These are limited though, and you must be registered with our surgery. Our veterinary service also includes reliable advice.  

Our veterinary services include:

Dental care


Pet passport

Aiding you and your pet

to travel abroad.

Flea control

Taking care of unwanted

fleas and parasites.

Keeping your pet's teeth

and gums healthy.

Helping your lost pet find

its way home quickly.

When your pet requires attentive and compassionate health care, come to the Medway Park Veterinary Centre in Gillingham, Kent. At Medway Park Vets, we'll take good care of you and your beloved pet.

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