Money-saving pet care tips

Pet insurance

Unexpected veterinary treatment can cost a lot, so buying the right pet insurance will save you money in the long run. Be sure to check policies to ensure they suit yours and your pet's needs.

Early diagnosis

A wait-and-see approach might seem like the right thing to do, but it can often prove costly. If your pet displays unusual symptoms (lumps, weepy eyes) get it checked before it escalates.

Fleas & worms

When it comes to fleas and worms, cheaper treatments can be ineffective. It's better to use a recommended spray or shampoo, which may cost more, than use something that could prove toxic.

Bite-size pet care tips:


Oral hygiene

Ask for advice

If in doubt, ask for advice. We'll always give an honest answer.

Free cover

Short-term free insurance can be ideal for puppies / kittens.

The right diet can help your

pet stay healthy.

Looking after your pet's teeth and mouth can prevent illness.

Pet care can be expensive but there are ways to cut the cost. To help you save, Medway Park Vets has created these money-saving tips that won’t compromise your pet’s health. Contact our Gillingham veterinary centre to find out more.

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