Protecting your pet from the off

Pet vaccinations

Vaccinations at birth, or more specifically a few weeks later, are a great way of helping you pet avoid diseases and illnesses. Visit our Medway surgery and we'll arrange vaccinations and updates.

Annual health check

In addition to vaccinations, it's recommended that you take your pet for an annual health check. This nose to tail inspection will help identify illnesses early, which makes them easier to treat.

Older pets

Pets that are getting on in years, or those that are combatting a long-term illness, should be checked more frequently. We can advise you as to how often you should arrange visits.

When to vaccinate:




Contact us for vaccination

advice relating to other pets.


Kittens should be vaccinated

at 9-12 weeks old.

Puppies should be vaccinated

at 8-10 weeks old.

Myxomatosis (6wks) and RHD (8wks) vaccinations required.

By inoculating your pet against common diseases, you're providing it with a better standard of life from the very beginning. Medway Park Vets can help you with a wide range of pet vaccinations as well as annual check-ups and booster shots.

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